KPS1610/ KPS3205/ KPS6003/ KPS1620/ KPS3010/ KPS6005 Switching Power Supply




Product Features
* Controlled By Microprocessor(MCU),High Cost -Effective
* High Power Density,Smallest And Compact
* Aluminum Shell,Lower EMI
* Using Encoder To Set The Voltage And Current
* High Efficiency,Up To 88%.
* Low  Ripple&Noise:≤30mVp-P
* Output  ON/OFF
* Lock Switch
* Intuitive Output Power Display
* Soft Start Without Overshoot,Protect Sensitive Device
* Intelligent Protection: Output Short Circuit Protection, Tracking Over Voltag Protection  (Ovp),
Track  Over  Current  Protection(Ocp),Over  Temperature Protection(Otp).

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  • Model KPS1610 KPS3205 KPS6003 KPS1620 KPS3010 KPS6005
    Output Voltage 0-16V 0-32V 0-60V 0-16V 0-30V 0-60V
    Outputcurrent 0-10A 0-5A 0-3A 0-20A 0-10A 0-5A
    (220Vac, Full Load)
    ≥86% ≥87% ≥88% ≥87% ≥88%
    Full Load Input Current 
    ≤1.5A ≤1.4A ≤1.5A ≤2.5A ≤2.4A ≤2.3A
    No Load Input Current 
    ≤100mA ≤80mA ≤100mA ≤120mA
    Voltmeter Accuracy ≤0.3%+1digit
    Ammeter Accuracy ≤0.3%+2digits ≤0.3%+3digits
    Constant Voltage State
    Load Regulation Rate 
    ≤50mV ≤30mV ≤50mV ≤30mV
    Input Voltage Regulation Rate 
    Ripple Noise 
    ≤30mV ≤50mV ≤30mV ≤50mV
    Ripple Noise 
    ≤3mV ≤5mV ≤3mV ≤5mV
    Setting Accuracy ≤0.3%+10mV
    Instantaneous Response Time
    (50%-10% Rated Load)
    Constant Current State
    Load Regulation
    (90%-10% Rated Voltage)
    ≤50mA ≤100mA
    Input Voltage Regulation Rate
    ≤10mA ≤20mA ≤10mA ≤50mA ≤20mA
    Ripple Current Noise (Peak-Peak) ≤30mAp-P ≤100mAp-P ≤50mAp-P
    Setting Accuracy ≤0.3%+20mA
    Input Voltage Switch 115/230Vac
    Operating Frequency Range 45-65HZ
    (Width X Height X Depth)
    120×55×168mm 120×55×240mm
    Net Weight 0.75KG 1.0KG
    Model Picture Type Summary
    RK00001 Standard Configuration The Instrument Is Equipped With American Standard Power Cord, Which Can Be Purchased Separately.
    Operation Manual  Standard Configuration
    Operation Manual Of Standard Equipment


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