KPS1660/ KPS3220/ KPS3232/ KPS6011/ KPS6017 Switching Power Supply




Product Introduction

KPS Series Switching Power Supply Is Specially Designed For Laboratory, School And Production Line. Its Output Voltage And Output Load Current Can Be Continuously Adjustable Between 0 And Nominal Value. It Has The Function Of External Circuit Protection. The Stability And Ripple Coefficient Of The Power Supply Are Very Good, And There Is A Perfect Protection Circuit. This Series Of Power Supply Is Controlled By Microprocessor (MCU). It Is Small And Beautiful In Appearance, High Stability, Minimal Ripple, Low Noise Interference, Accurate And Reliable. It Can Output For A Long Time With Full Load. It Is A Necessary Instrument For Scientific Research Institutions, Laboratories And Factory Production Lines!
Application Area
1. General Test In R & D Laboratory
2. Basic Equipment Of Post And Telecommunication
3. LED Lighting Test
4. Quality Control And Quality Inspection
5. Motor Aging Test
6. R & D Of Science And Technology
7. Automotive Electronic Circuit Test Power Supply
8. Semiconductor Low Power Test
9. Test Mathematics Experiment
10. Industrial Control And Automation
Performance Characteristics
1. Using Microprocessor (MCU) Control, High Cost Performance
2. High Power Density, Compact And Beautiful Appearance
3. All Aluminum Shell, Very Low Electromagnetic Interference
4. Using Encoder To Adjust Voltage And Current, Setting Is Fast And Accurate
5. Four Digit Digital Voltmeter, Ammeter, Power Meter, Set And Display Accurate To Two Decimal Places
6. High Efficiency, Up To 88%
7. Low Ripple Noise, Ripple Peak Less Than 30mV
8. Output On / Off Switch
9. Input Working Voltage: 220 VAC
10. Intuitive Output Power Display
11. Intelligent Protection: Output Short Circuit Protection, Tracking OVP, Tracking OCP, OTP
12. Buzzer Alarm Function
13. Temperature Control Start Fan Heat Dissipation. Overheat Automatic Protection, Turn Off The Output.

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  • Model KPS1660 KPS3220 KPS3232 KPS6011 KPS6017
    Operating Voltage Range 170/264Vac 170/264Vac 170/264Vac 170/264Vac 170/264Vac
    Operating Frequency Range 45-65HZ 45-65HZ 45-65HZ 45-65HZ 45-65HZ
    Output Voltage Range 0-16V 0-32V 0-32V 0-60V 0-60V
    Output Current Range 0-60A 0-20A 0-32A 0-11A 0-17A
    Efficiency (20 Full Load) ≥89% ≥88% ≥88% ≥89% ≥89%
    Full Load Input Current (220VAC) ≤5.1A ≤5.1A ≤3.3A ≤3.35A ≤5.1A
    No Load Input Current (220VAC)
    ≤180mA ≤180mA ≤180mA ≤180mA ≤180mA
    Voltmeter Accuracy ≤0.3%+1digits ≤0.3%+1digits ≤0.3%+1digits ≤0.3%+1digits ≤0.3%+1digits
    Ammeter Accuracy ≤0.3%+2digits ≤0.3%+2digits ≤0.3%+2digits ≤0.3%+2digits ≤0.3%+2digits
    Power Meter Accuracy ≤0.6%+3digits ≤0.6%+3digits ≤0.6%+3digits ≤0.6%+3digits ≤0.6%+3digits
    Constant Pressure State
    Load Regulation Rate (0 ~ 100%) ≤30mV ≤30mV ≤30mV ≤30mV ≤30mV
    Input Voltage Regulation Rate (198 ~ 264Vac) ≤10mV ≤10mV ≤10mV ≤10mV ≤10mV
    Ripple Noise(Peak-Peak) ≤30mV ≤30mV ≤30mV ≤30mV ≤30mV
    Ripple Noise(R.M.S) ≤3mV ≤3mV ≤3mV ≤3mV ≤3mV
    Set Accuracy ≤0.3%+10mV ≤0.3%+10mV ≤0.3%+10mV ≤0.3%+10mV ≤0.3%+10mV
    Instantaneous Response Time(50%-10% Rated Load) ≤1.0ms ≤1.0ms ≤1.0ms ≤1.0ms ≤1.0ms
    Constant Current State
    Load Regulation Rate (90%-10% Rated Voltage) ≤50mA ≤50mA ≤50mA ≤50mA ≤50mA
    Input Voltage Regulation Rate (198 ~ 264Vac) ≤20mA ≤20mA ≤20mA ≤20mA ≤20mA
    Ripple Current Noise         (P-P) ≤30mAp-P ≤30mAp-P ≤30mAp-P ≤30mAp-P ≤30mAp-P
    Setting Accuracy ≤0.3%+20mA ≤0.3%+20mA ≤0.3%+20mA ≤0.3%+20mA ≤0.3%+20mA
    Size        (Width * Height * Depth)
    160*75*215mm 160*75*215mm 160*75*215mm 160*75*215mm 160*75*215mm
    Net Weight 2.5KG 2KG 2.5KG 2KG 2.5KG
    Model Picture Type Summary
    RK00001 Standard Configuration The Instrument Is Equipped With American Standard Power Cord, Which Can Be Purchased Separately.
    Operation Manual  Standard Configuration
    Operation Manual Of Standard Equipment


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