Rk9930a / b program-controlled grounding resistance tester online notice

 Meiruike thanks all new and old customers for their support and trust, which makes us more motivated to focus on scientific and technological innovation, invest a lot of human and material resources in the research and development of new products, and make our products more scientific, automatic and intelligent.

The output current of rk9930 series program-controlled grounding resistance tester adopts hardware feedback and high-speed MCU control technology to make the output current stable and reliable.

It can display the current value and resistance value in real time, and has the function of software calibration. It is equipped with PLC interface, which can easily form a comprehensive test system with computer or PLC.

The instrument has the following performance characteristics:

1. 5-inch LCD display is adopted, and the display parameters are eye-catching and intuitive. DDS digital signal synthesis technology is adopted to produce stable, pure and low distortion waveform;

2. Constant current output: the stability rate of output current is within 1%, so as to avoid the change of output current due to the instability of input current and voltage and load change;

3. With open circuit alarm function. Maximum test time: 999.9s;

4. Four terminal method is adopted to eliminate the influence of contact resistance;

5. Output frequency 50Hz / 60Hz optional. It has the function of resistance upper and lower limit alarm;

6. Bilingual operation interface in Chinese and English can meet the needs of different users, support mass storage and meet different test application requirements;






Post time: Aug-11-2022
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