How to operate the pressure tester?

The withstand voltage instrument is composed of high-voltage boost circuit (the test voltage required for output can be adjusted), leakage current detection circuit (alarm current can be set) and indicating instrument (directly reading the output voltage and leakage current value). When the measured object reaches the specified time under the specified test voltage, the portable withstand voltage meter will automatically cut off the output voltage; Once a fault occurs, the leakage current exceeds the set alarm current, and an audible and visual alarm is sent out.

Operation steps:

1. Insert one end of the high-voltage line (red) into the corresponding portable voltage withstand meter controlled by the pilot test, determine that the output voltage of the portable voltage withstand meter is 0, the lamp is off (AC or DC), the high-voltage output end, and the other end is connected with the power input end or other live parts of the tested object. Then insert one end of the other grounding wire (black) into the grounding terminal of the portable compressor and lock it, and the other end is connected with the shell (metal) of the measured object or the grounding terminal of the power input (if the measured object is connected with the grounding or grounding wire, the grounding terminal of the portable compressor must be connected with it).

2. Press the start button, the indicator light is on, the voltage value is the current test voltage value, the leakage current value is the current leakage current value, the test time is qualified product, the silent light alarm sound, the portable compressor automatically cuts off the output voltage, the test time is unqualified, the alarm light is on, the buzzer alarms, the portable compressor automatically cuts off the output voltage, and press the reset button to eliminate the alarm.

3. Use the wire control terminal to withstand voltage (the “start” and “reset” buttons on the panel fail), and the “timing” key is placed in the “off” position.

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Post time: Mar-11-2022
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