How to use the pressure tester safely?

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Although it is a trustworthy voltage withstand instrument at present, it may cause certain risks to operators due to some operators themselves or external influence during operation. Therefore, both enterprises specializing in the production of voltage withstand instruments and enterprises related to the use of voltage withstand instruments should try to avoid this danger. So how to reduce this potential risk?

Generally speaking, at present, many medium and high-end voltage withstand meters are embedded with intelligent anti high voltage electric shock system, also referred to as shirt GFI, which can be tested according to the use of the current model. In case of electric shock, leakage and other problems, the qualified compressor will automatically cut off the high-voltage output within one millisecond to ensure the safety of operators. Therefore, under the same working conditions, qualified compressors, as long as the operators do not make too big mistakes, the operators will rarely have the risk of electric shock and so on.

In order to protect consumers and operators, manufacturers specializing in the production of pressure instruments need to complete several types of safety to ensure that the products meet the product structure, performance and process industry standards. Including withstand voltage, insulation, etc. it is best to conduct relevant tests before the installation of parts, mainly to prevent the installation of unqualified parts into the product, resulting in potential risks. At present, qualified manufacturers must strictly follow the ISO implementation international standards of their production process, and the final products should also meet the ISO international certification standards, that is, to the finished products, the international certification standards must meet the international standards. Only in this way can the certified quality standards better eliminate the potential risks. Of course, enterprises using relevant equipment should also regularly organize operators for training. New employees must operate under the supervision of experienced old employees to completely avoid the danger caused by operation errors.

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Post time: Mar-11-2022
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