How to use the withstand voltage tester safely?

How to use the withstand voltage tester safely? Although it is a withstand voltage tester that is very worthy of my belief at this stage, it may also cause certain dangers to operators due to problems such as some operators themselves or external influences during the whole process of operation. Therefore, whether it is a technical professional manufacturing The company of the withstand voltage tester, or the company that applies the withstand voltage tester, should try their best to prevent the occurrence of such dangers, so how to reduce such potential hidden dangers?

Generally speaking, many mid-to-high-end withstand voltage testers at this stage are designed with an intelligent anti-high-voltage electric shock management system. This kind of management system is also known as S**rt GFI. The application of the model is detected. If there are problems such as electric shock and power failure, the qualified withstand voltage tester will automatically disconnect the high voltage output within one millisecond to ensure the safety of the operator. Therefore, under the same working conditions, for a qualified withstand voltage tester, as long as the operator does not make a big mistake, there will be very few dangers such as electric shock for the operator.

In order to better protect customers and operators, manufacturers specializing in the production and manufacture of withstand voltage testers must conduct several types of safety tests when manufacturing machines and equipment to ensure that the products conform to the structure of the relevant products. Industry standards such as characteristics and processing standards. It includes withstand voltage test, insulation layer inspection, etc. Insulation layer inspection should be carried out before the manufacturer installs the parts, mainly to avoid unqualified parts being installed in the product, resulting in potential risks. For now, for a qualified manufacturer, its manufacturing, testing and other steps must be carried out strictly in accordance with ISO national standards, and the final skin care products also need to meet ISO authoritative certification standards, in other words, from parts to products. Be sure to meet the international ISO-certified product quality standards, and only in this way can you avoid potential risks faster. Naturally, companies that apply relevant instruments also need to conduct learning and training for operators on time. Novices must operate under the supervision of veteran employees with work experience, so as to completely prevent dangers caused by operation errors.

Post time: Nov-02-2022
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