In line with the new standard GB4793/GB9706.1-2020 medical leakage current tester

Product Introduction

RK7500Y series medical leakage current analyzer, built-in medical simulation human network, covering the floor leakage current, contact current, patient leakage current, patient auxiliary current and other functions, programmable/one-key serial test

Product Features

1.Meet the relevant requirements of GB4793/GB9706.1-2020 and other standards

2. Built-in medical simulated human network

3, can complete the test of ground leakage current, patient leakage current (application of part of the grid power supply voltage), patient leakage current (DC and AC) and other items, can also be divided into project test.

4. The test items can be set according to the category, and the same test item can be automatically combined to test, and the measured voltage value, external voltage value, normal leakage current and single fault state leakage current value can be displayed synchronously.

5, leakage current range: support the maximum 10mA leakage current effective range

6, LCD2004C LCD display

7, with PLC interface, through external control; With RS232C interface, it can upload test data in real time

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Post time: Dec-09-2022
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