New product on the new RK9910-8U/4U type eight unit/four unit parallel AC/DC voltage insulation tester

This series of program-controlled ultra-high voltage tester is designed for high-voltage optical couplers and high-voltage relays, high-voltage switches, PV modules and other devices with high insulation endurance to provide high-voltage voltage test and analysis, all using high-speed MCU and large-scale digital circuit design of high-performance safety tester. The size of the output voltage, the rise and fall of the output voltage, and the frequency of the output voltage are completely controlled by MCU, which can display the breakdown current value and voltage value in real time, and has the wireless remote control function, equipped with PLC, RS232C, RS485, USB, LAN interface, convenient to form a comprehensive test system with the computer or PLC system. It can quickly and accurately measure the safety of household appliances, instruments, lighting appliances, electric heating tools, computers and information machines. The sinusoidal wave required by the output high voltage is generated by the DDS principle, and the negative feedback technology is adopted to make the output waveform pure and stable

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Post time: Dec-02-2022
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