SCI (Slaughter Company Inc.) announced the addition of 298 series withstand voltage testers

SCI (Slaughter Company Inc.), a leader in making safety simple, announced the addition of the 298 series withstand voltage testers to the 290 series withstand voltage testers. 298 is a 500 VAC AC withstand voltage tester, which can provide 100 mA AC output current. During the AC withstand voltage test, the DUT, which is inherently highly capacitive, will require a higher level of output current. With an output current of 100 mA, the 298 is able to test these DUTs and meet the 500 VA withstand voltage test requirements of safety agencies. The 290 series was released in January 2016 and provides an improved interface that eliminates cluttered menus and redundant buttons, allowing manufacturers to set up and run production Hipot tests in seconds. The 290 series also provides common sense security settings, allowing easy setting of permission levels. The 290 series adopts a rugged and reliable design, which is very suitable for production line applications. The optional USB interface provides manufacturers with a simple way to automate the production line.
294 6 kV DC withstand voltage tester $1599 295 5 kV AC withstand voltage tester $1399 296 5 kV AC and 6 kV DC withstand voltage tester $1799 297 5 kV AC and 6 kV DC withstand voltage tester with insulation resistance Tester 2199 USD 2098 Withstand voltage tester
The origin of SCI can be traced back to 1953, when their founder, Elmer Slaughter, came up with a better product to meet the needs of the electrical safety testing industry. All SCI testers come with a standard 1-year warranty and a 45-day customer experience guarantee. Each order will be shipped within 1 business day. For more information about SCI and 298, please visit them online:
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Post time: Sep-16-2021
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