RK-3000 Type Vertical Vibration Testing Instrument




Product Introduction
RK3000 Vertical Vibration Testing Instrument Is A Kind Of Instrument For Electronic Equipment Inspection And Shock Resistance Of Various Products.This Instrument Adopts Advanced Microcomputer Control Circuit,It Can Remember Power Current Vibrative Time And Will Not Be Lost Even Outage,While Also Monitoring The Vibrative Amplitude.When The Machine Is Shut Down Or Outage Will Remember Current Vibrative Time Automatically,Automatic Resetting To Prevent The Bad Phenomenon Of Machine Burnt By Impact Voltage When Boot-Strap Again,And It Has Stable And Reliable Performance.

Application Area

RK3000 Vertical Vibration Testing Instrument Is Widely Used In Aerospace,Defense, Communications,Electronics,Automobile,Household Appliances And Other Industries.This Type Of Equipment Is Used To Detect The Early Fault,Simulating The Actual Working Condition Assessment And Structural Strength Test.This Series Of Products Can Also Be Used In Various Products Of Scientific Research And The Test Of Resistance To Vibration In Production Line,The Product Has Wide Application Range,Obvious Test Results.

Performance Characteristics

Automatic Setting,Easy To Operate.
Microcomputer Control Circuit,Can Remember The Current Vibrative Time.
Appearance,Function Is Careful Designed.The Fault Rate Of Microcomputer Protective Circuit Is Low.

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  • Model RK-3000 Type Vertical Vibration Testing Instrument
    The Maximum Testing Load 40kg
    Range Of No-Load Amplitude Load A:0~15kg  Height:0~2mm  Load:30~40kg  Height:0~1.8mm
    Vibrative Direction Verticality
    Display Value Of Vibrative Amplitude Monitoring 100 %(Display:100)
    Time Setting Value 100 Hours(1s~99 Hours 59 Minutes 59 Seconds)
    Power Requirments 220V±10%,50Hz±5%
    Power Consumption 0.9kVA
    Dimension Of Worktable 400×350×16mm
    Exterior Dimension(L/W/H) 400×350×280mm
    Work Environment 0℃~40℃,≤75%  RH
    Weight 32kg
    Accessory Power Line,Hook,Bandage
    Model Picture Type  
    RK3001 Standard  Spring Hook 
    RK3002 Standard  Bandage
    RK00001 Standard  Power Cord
    Warranty Card Standard  
    Manual     Standard   
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