RK1316BL/ RK1316D/ RK1316E/ RK1316G/ Audio Signal Generator




Product Introduction
RK1316 Series  Audio Signal Generator Adopts Advanced Voltage Controlled Oscillation Circuit To Produce Stable And Low Distortion Sine Wave Signal. Digital Display Of Output Amplitude And Frequency Is Adopted. The Frequency Sweep Range Can Be More Than 1:1000. The Starting Point And End Point Of Frequency Sweep Can Be Set Arbitrarily. It Has The Functions Of Power On Delay Output And Short Circuit Protection. At The Same Time, It Can Also Test The Positive And Negative Polarity Of Loudspeakers, Earphones And Moving Coil Receivers Of Any Type, Size And Impedance.
Application Area
The Instrument Can Not Only Produce Audio Signals For Audio Audiometry, But Also Accurately And Quickly Identify The Positive (Negative) Polarity Of The Loudspeaker And The Pure Tone Index Of The Loudspeaker. Simple Operation, Widely Used In Acoustics, Telecommunications And Other Aspects, Especially Suitable For Speaker Production And Speaker Manufacturers.
Performance Characteristics
1. Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) Technology Was Used;
2. The Output Frequency Of The Waveform Is 20Hz ~ 20kHz, And The Sweep Frequency Ratio Is 1000;
3. The Frequency Resolution Is 1 Hz;
4. Frequency Stability ≤ 5 × (10 To The Negative 6th Power);
5. The Output Amplitude Of Small Signal Is 10mVrms;
6. The Starting Frequency And Ending Frequency Can Be Set Arbitrarily;
7.With Start-Up Delay Output, Short-Circuit Current Limiting Protection Function;
8. It Has All The Advantages Of RK1212N Series;
9. With Polarity Tester Function, No Need To Buy Separately;
10. It Has Its Own Speaker And Earphone, And Can Switch The Voltage Freely.

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  • Model RK1316BL RK1316D RK1316E RK1316G
    Test Range 20HZ-20KHz
    Resolving Power 1Hz
    Sine Wave Output Range 0.1Vrms–15Vrms(20W) 0.1Vrms–18Vrms(40W) 0.1Vrms–22Vrms(60W) 0.1Vrms–28.5Vrms(100W)
    Resolving Power 0.01Vrms
    Output Voltage Error ±1% +3words,(F≤20Khz)
    Sine Wave Distortion <0.2%(20W,8Ω Loading,Rest≤0.8%)
    Output Power 20W 40W 60W 100W
    Pulse Width 0.4(±0.2ms)
    Pulse Amplitude 10VPP (H High、W Medium、L Low)
    Sensor Microphone Condenser Microphone
    Test Sensitivity High Grade ≥ 25cm, Medium Grade ≤ 25cm Speaker
    Discriminating Speed 0.2s
    Speakers, Headphones Speakers/Headphones
    Mode Of Sweep Frequency Logarithm
    Sweep Ratio 1:1000
    Sweep Frequency Time 0.1s~20s
    Output Mode Power Output,Synchronous Output
    Work Environment 220V±10%,50/60Hz
    Exterior Dimension 375mm×368mm×135mm
    Weight 6.5Kg 8Kg
    RK-26004C Standard
    The Instrument Is Equipped With Test Clamp Line As Standard, Which Can Be Purchased Separately.
    RK26005C Standard The Instrument Is Equipped With 1 Microphone And 1 Microphone Adapter, Which Can Be Purchased Separately.
    RK00001 Standard
    The Instrument Is Equipped With National Standard Power Cord, Which Can Be Purchased Separately.
    Manual     Standard
    The Instrument Is Equipped With Standard Product Instructions.


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