RK2670YM/ RK2672YM Medical Withstand Voltage Tester





Product Introduction
RK2670Y Medical Withstand Voltage Tester Has All The Function Of The Conventional Withstand Pressure Tester,And Increasing The Arc(Flashover)Detection Function,It Can Test The “Flashover” Phenomenon Of Electrical Equipment Intuitively,Accurately,Rapidly And Reliably Through The External Oscilloscope,The Measured Electrical Equipment Without “Flashover” Phenomenon,The Oscilloscope Display “A Stable Lissajous Figure”(I.E. A Closed Ring),If The Electrical Equipment Occur The “Flashover” Phenomenon,Then The Lissajous Figure Edge Will Happen The Larger “Flashover” Phenomenon Of Electrical Equipment,To Ensure That The Safety Of Measured Electrical Equipment.This Product Is Also Suitable To The Various Electrical Equipment Needed Detect “Flashover” Defects,It Is The Indispensable Withstand Voltage Tester Of Medical Electrical Equipment Manufacturers,Maintenance Department,The Use Of Units And Product Quality Inspection Department,Technical Supervision Departments.
It According With The Medical Standards Of GB9706.-2020(IEC60601-1:2012).

Application Area
Medical Equipment:all Kinds Of New Medical Instrument And Medical Equipment Matched, Cardiac Monitoring,Medical Imaging,Biochemical Analysis Instruments,Blood Pressure Meter And Thermometer And Other Types Of Home Medical Equipment.
Diagnosis And Treatment Equipment:X-Ray Diagnosis And Examination Equipment,Ultrasound Diagnosis,Nuclear Medicine,Endoscope System,ENT Treatment Instrument,Dynamic Analysis Treatment Equipment And Low Temperature Refrigerating Equipment,Dialysis Treatment Equipment,First-Aid Equipment.
Ward Nursing Equipment And Equipment:all Kinds Of Hospital Bed,Cabinets,Operating Chairs,Beds,Etc.
Auxiliary Equipment:medical Care Data And Image Processing Equipment,Rehabilitation Equipment And Special Equipment For The Disabled Etc.
Oral Medical Instrument And Equipment:dental Diagnostic Medical Equipment,Dental Surgical Instruments,Dental Technician Equipment.
Medical Magnetic Resonance Equipment.

Performance Characteristics
N The Maximum Time Can Run Up To 99s.
N Leak Current,Test Time Can Be Set Continuously.
N GB9701.-2020(IEC60601-1:2012) Experimental Voltage Requirements:The Flash Over Phenomenon Or Breakdown Should Not Be Occurred When In The Experiment.The Medical Withstand Voltage Tester Increases The Interface Of The Oscilloscope Specially.Observing The Flashover And Arcing Phenomenon Through The Lissajous Figure.
N Leak Current,Voltage,Time Display At The Same Time.
N It Have The Oscilloscope Interface,Which Can Monitor The Analyse Flashover And Arcing Phenomenon.

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  • Model RK2670YM RK2672YM
    Output Voltage  AC 0-5KV 0-5KV
    DC —— 0-5KV
    Test Current
    AC 0-2/20mA
    DC —— 0-2/10mA
    Test Accuracy ±(5%+3words)
    Test Time 0.0S-999S  0.0=Continuous Test
    Transformer Capacity 100VA
    PLC Interface Optional
    Power Requirements AC:220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz±3Hz
    Working Environment (0-40)℃,≤75% RH
    Dimensions 320*270*180mm
    Weight 8.5KG 9.5KG
    Accessories High Voltage Test Guns, BNC Lines, Grounding Wires, Power Line
    Model Picture Type  
    RK-16G Standard       Test Gun
    RK260100 Standard       Test Wire
    RK26103 Standard        Ground Lead
    Power Cord Standard      
    Warranty Card Standard  
    Factory Calibration Certificate
    Manual   Standard  

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