RK2672AM/ RK2672BM/ RK2672CM/ RK2672DM Withstand Voltage Tester

RK2672AM:AC/DC:0~5kV   AC:0~2/20mA DC:0~2/10mA

RK2672BM:AC:0~5kV   DC:0~2/20/100mA

RK2672CM:AC/DC:0~5kV   AC:0~2/20/100mA DC:0~2/20mA

RK2672DM:AC/DC:0~5kV AC:0~2/20/200mA DC:0~2/20mA





RK2672AM/ RK2672BM/ RK2672CM/ RK2672DM Withstand Voltage Tester

Product introduction
The RK2672AM Withstand voltage tester of Meiruike is the measurement instrument for  compressive strength,it mainly used for insulation leakage safety test of product.It can test the electrical safety performance index of breakdown voltage,leakage current of which all kind of the measured object intuitive,accurate and fast,and can be used for testing the components and overall performance as a high voltage source.
This series of tester according to the following standards:Standard for household electrical appliances(IEC6035,GB4706.1-2001, GB4706.1-1998),Standard for lamp(IEC60598-1-1999, GB7000.1-2000),Standard for information (GB8898-2001,GB12113.GB4943-2001, IEC60065,IEC60950) and so on.

Application area
Components:diode,triode,high-voltage silicon stack,all kinds of electronic transformer, connector assembly,high voltage electrical equipment.
Household Electric Appliances:TV,refrigerator,air conditioner,washing machine,dryer, electric blanket,charger etc.
Insulation material:heat shrinkable tube,capacitor film,high pressure tube,insulating paper,insulated shoes,rubber insulating gloves,PCB circuit board etc.
Instruments and meters:oscilloscope,signal generator,DC power supply,switching power supply and other types of machine.
Lighting appliances:ballast,road lights,stage lights,portable lamps and other types of lamps.
Electric heating appliances:electric drill,pistol drill,cutting machine,grinding machine,electric welding machine etc.
Wire and cable:high voltage cable,optical cable,electric cable,silicone rubber cable, etc.

Performance characteristics
AC/DC voltage 5kV universal withstand voltage tester.
The output voltage regulated output by the regulator,which has high reliability and high durability.
Using high brightness LED digital displaying test time,voltage,current,it can display the breakdown current value and voltage value in real time.
Alarm current value can be preset arbitrarily.
Test time using three digital tube display
Equipped with PLC signal input,output interface,it can constitute easily integrated test system with PLC expediently.(optional)

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  • Model RK2672AM RK2672BM RK2672CM RK2672DM
    Output Voltage (KV) AC 0~5 0~5 0~5
    DC 0~5 ——— 0~5
    Output Current (MA) AC 0~2/20 0~2/20/100 0~2/20/100 0~2/20/200
    DC 0~2/10 ——— 0~2/20 0~2/20
    Test Accuracy ±(5%+3 Words)
    Test Time (0.0~999)S      0.0=Continuous Test
    Transformer Capacity 100VA 500VA 1000VA
    Interface Of PLC Optional
    Power Requirments AC:220V±10%   50Hz/60Hz±3Hz
    Working Environment Temperature:(0-40)℃  Humidity≦75%RH
    Exterior Dimension 320*280*180mm 440*390*200mm
    Weight 10kg 14.5kg 18kg 25kg
    Accessory High Voltage Test Line,Grounding Wire,High-Voltage Stick,Power Line(Standard)
    Communication Line,Interface Of PLC(Optional)
    Model Picture Type Note
    RK-8H+ Standard Test Bar
    RK260100 Standard Test Wire
    RK26105 Standard Ground Lead
    Power Cord Standard
    Warranty Card Standard
    Factory Calibration Certificate Standard
    Manual Standard

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