RK2678XM Grounding Resistance Tester





RK2678XM Grounding Resistance Tester

Product Introduction
The RK2678XM Grounding Resistance Tester Is Used To Measure The Internal Grounding Resistance Of Electrical Equipment,Which It Reflect The (Contact) Resistance Between The Total Ground Terminals Of The Electrical Equipment.It Is Suitable For Measuring The Resistance Value Between The Outer Casing And The Ground Wire Of Various Kinds Of Motors,Electric Appliances,Instruments And Meters,Domestic Appliance And So On.
This Series Of Tester According To The Following Standards:Standard For Household Electrical Appliances(IEC6035,GB4706.1-2001, GB4706.1-1998),Standard For Lamp(IEC60598-1-1999, GB7000.1-2000),Standard For Information (GB8898-2001,GB12113.GB4943-2001, IEC60065,IEC60950) And So On.

Application Area
Household Electric Appliances:TV,Refrigerator,Air Conditioner,Washing Machine,Dryer, Electric Blanket,Charger Etc.
Instruments And Meters:oscilloscope,Signal Generator,DC Power Supply,Switching Power Supply And Other Types Of Machine.
Lighting Appliances:ballast,Road Lights,Stage Lights,Portable Lamps And Other Types Of Lamps.
Electric Heating Appliances:electric Drill,Pistol Drill,Cutting Machine,Grinding Machine,Electric Welding Machine Etc.
Motor: Rotating Electrical Machines, Etc.
Office Equipment:Computer,Currency Detector,Printer,Copier, Etc.

Performance Characteristics
Test The Maximum Current 32A,It Conform To The<GB4743.1-2011 Standard>.
Test Resistance,Current,Time Are All Display Digital.
Test Alarm Value Can Be Set Arbitrarily,Audible And Visual Alarm When It Is Unqualified.
Four-Terminal Measurement Method Can Eliminate The Influence Of Contact Resistance On The Measurement Results.
Test Time Can Be Set Arbitrarily.
The Minimum Resolution Of Time Is 0.1s
Over Current Protection,Easy To Operate,High Reliability.
The Interface Of PLC Is Optional.

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  • Model RK2678XM
    Output Current 5~32A(Or 5~70A,Can Order)
    Test Resistance 0~200/600mΩ
    Test Accuracy ±5%
    Test Time 0.0s~999s   0.0=Continuous Test
    Interface Of PLC Optional
    Power Requirments 200V±10% 50Hz±5%
    Working Environment 0℃~40℃≤85%RH
    Exterior Dimension 320x280x180mm
    Weight 10kg/20kg
    Accessory Test Line,Power Line
    Model Picture Type
    RK-12 standard     test wire
    RK-12 standard     ground lead
    power cord standard
    warranty card standard
    factory calibration certificate standard
    manual standard

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