RK9830N Three-Phase Intelligent Power Meter

Single-Phase 0~24KW    
Three-Phase 0~41.5KW





Product Introduction
RK9830N Series Intelligent Electric Quantity Measuring Instrument(Digital Power Meter), Can Measure The Voltage,Current,Power,Power Factor,Frequency,Electric Energy And Other Parameters Of ,Rich In Content,Has A Wide Measuring Range, The Preset Alarm,Latches And Communications Function.

Application Area
Motor:rotary Motor
Household Electric Appliances:TV,Refrigerator,Air Conditioner,Washing Machine,Dryer, Electric Blanket,Charger Etc.
Electric Appliances:electric Drill,Pistol Drill,Cutting Machine,Grinding Machine,Electric Welding Machine Etc.
Lighting Appliances:ballast,Road Lights,Stage Lights,Portable Lamps And Other Types Of Lamps.
Power Supply:switching Power Supply,AC Power Supply,DC Regulated Power Supply,Variable-Frequency Power Sources,Communication Power Supply,Power Components And So On.
Transformer:power Transformer,Audio Transformer,Pulse Transformer,Switching Power Supply Transformer, Etc.

Performance Characteristics
High Measurement Accuracy,Wide Range,Fast Speed.
Can Be Shown The Voltage,Current And Power Of A Certain One Phase In Three-Phase,It Can Also Show The Voltage,Current And Power Of Three-Phase,It Is Flexible Operation.
With Work(Energy) Display Function(The Energy Value Has The Function Of Saving Power Automatically).
With Communication Function,All Parameters Of The Three Phases Are Displayed On The Screen Of The PC Machine,The Display Parameters Are More Complete And Intuitive.
Power Off Memory Function,It Can Be Memory The Setting Data Before The Power Off.
With Keeping Data Function,Make Observing And Recording Is More Convenient.
With The Function Of Electric Energy Clearing,It Is Convenient For Electric Energy Measurement.
Compact Appearance,Easy To Operate And Carry.

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  • Model RK9830N
    Output Voltage(V) 0~600V
    Output Current(A) 0~40A
    Power(P) Single-Phase 0~24KW    Three-Phase 0~41.5KW
    Power Factor( PF) -1.000~+1.000
    Frequency Range (Hz) 45~65Hz
    Cumulative Range Of Electric Energy 0~1000KW/H
    Accuracy  ±0.4% Numerical Reading ±0.1% Range±1 Word
    Power Requirments 220V±10%,50Hz±5%
    Work Environment 0℃~40℃≤85%RH
    Exterior Dimension 330x270x110mm
    Weight 2.5kg
    Accessory Power Line
    Model Picture Type  
    RK00001 Standard  Power Cord 
    Warranty Card Standard  
    Manual Standard  
    RK20K      Optional  Data Link Line 
    RK98001 Optional  Communication Software 
    RK98002 Optional  Communication Module

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