The AC Grounding Resistance Tester Is Displayed On A 5-Inch TFT LCD. The Output Current Adopts Hardware Feedback And High-Speed ARM MCU Control Technology To Make The Output Current Stable And Reliable. The Output Current Is Driven By DDS + Linear Power Amplifier. The Output Waveform Is Pure And The Distortion Is Small. The Tester Is Controlled By Single-Chip Microcomputer, Which Makes Its Setting And Operation Very Simple, And Provides PLC Remote Control Interface, RS232C, RS485, USB And Other Interfaces, Which Can Facilitate Users To Quickly Combine Into A Comprehensive Test System.
Application Area

The Tester Can Be Used To Test The Grounding Resistance Of Household Appliances, Electronic Instruments, Electronic Equipment, Electric Tools, Electric Heating Appliances And Other Products.

Performance Characteristics
1. The Display Parameters Are Eye-Catching And Intuitive. DDS Digital Signal Synthesis Technology Is Used To Produce Stable, Pure And Low Distortion Waveform
2. Constant Current Output: The Output Current Stability Rate Range Is Within 1%, To Avoid The Output Current Change Due To Input Current Voltage Instability And Load Change.
3. It Has Open Circuit Alarm Function. The Maximum Test Time Is 999.9s.
4. Four Terminal Method Is Used To Eliminate The Influence Of Contact Resistance.
5. The Output Frequency Is 50 Hz / 60 Hz. It Has Alarm Function Of Upper And Lower Limit Of Resistance.
6. Chinese And English Bilingual Operation Interface, To Meet The Needs Of Different Users, Support Large Capacity Storage, Adapt To Different Test Application Requirements

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  • Model RK9930 RK9930A RK9930B
    Basic Function
    Screen Size 5 Inch TFT LCD
    Number Keys Parameter Setting Digital Input
    Coding Switch Parameter Selection And Confirmation Function
    Up, Down, Left And Right Function Keys Parameter Setting Up And Down Selection Function
    Lock Keyboard Lock Function Prevent Accidental Modification Of Test Conditions Or Prohibit Modification Of Test Conditions
    Alarm Function Sound Alarm
    Communication Interface RS232C、RS484、USB
    USB Interface Copy, Copy And Storage Functions
    Control Interface HANDLER(PLC)
    Output Specifications
    Current Range AC (3-30)A AC (3-40)A AC (3-60)A
    Resolving Power 0.01A/Step For 10A And 0.001A/Step For 10A And Below;
    Accuracy ±(2% +0.02A)
    Voltage Voltage Range AC 6V Max Open Circuit Voltage AC 8V Max Open Circuit Voltage AC 12V Max Open Circuit Voltage
    Frequency 50/60Hz Optional
    Wave Form Sine Wave
    Measuring Range Of Ammeter AC (3-30)A AC (3-40)A AC (3-60)A
    Resolving Power 0.01A/Step For 10A And 0.001A/Step For 10A And Below;
    Accuracy ±(2% +0.1A)
    Resistance Meter
    Measuring Range Of Resistance Meter 0-510 M Ω, When The Output Current Is 3-10A; 0-120m Ω, When The Output Current Is 10A-30A 0-600m Ω, When The Output Current Is 3-10A;
    0-200m Ω, When The Output Current Is 10A-30A;
    0-150m Ω, When The Output Current Is 30A-40A
    0-600m Ω, When The Output Current Is 3-15A;
    0-300m Ω, When The Output Current Is 15A-30A;
    0-150m Ω, When The Output Current Is 30A-60A
    Resolving Power 0.01A/Step For 10A And 0.001A/Step For 10A And Below;
    Accuracy ≦ ±(2%+1mΩ)
    Timer Range 0-999.9S,Resolving Power:0.1S/Step,Accuracy:≦ ±50ms
    Compensation Mode Manual Or Automatic, Maximum Offset:100mΩ Max,Accuracy:≦ ±(2%+1mΩ)
    Set The Upper Limit Range Of The Resistance 0-510mΩ Or 0-600mΩ,Resolving Power:1m Ω,Accuracy:≦ ±(2% +1m Ω)
    Test Time Range Setting 0-999.9S,0 Means Continuity
    Working Temperature And Humidity 0℃-40℃,≦75%RH
    Power Supply 100V-121V,198V-242V,47.5-63Hz
    Shape And Volume 430mm×105mm×350mm
    Weight 13KG 14KG 15KG
      Picture Type  
    RK-8H+ Standard       Test Bar
    RK260100 Standard       Test Wire
    RK26103 Standard        Ground Lead
    Power Cord Standard  
    Warranty Card Standard  
    Factory Calibration Certificate Standard  
    Manual Standard  

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