RKS3020D/ RKS3030D DC Regulated Power Supply





Product Introduction
RKS Series Adjustable DC Switching Voltage Regulated Power Supply Is Designed For The Laboratory,School And The Production Line Specifically,The Output Voltage And Output Load Current Can Be Adjusted Between 0 And The Nominal Value Continuously.The Stability Of Output Voltage Power Supply And Ripple Coefficient Is Very Good And Have Perfect Protection Circuit.It Can Work With Full Load For A Long Time.And It Can Be Used As A Regulated Power Supply Also Be Used As A Stabilized Current Power Supply.
This Series Of Power Supply Is A Switch Type DC Regulated Power Supply,It Has Small Size,Light Weight,High Efficiency,Low Fault Rate Of Continuous Work.It Is The First Choice Of The Use Unit Which Has Requirement With Power Efficiency And Weight Volume.

Application Area

General Testing Of R&D Laboratories
Quality Control And Inspection
Automobile Electronic Circuit Test Power Supply
Industrial Control And Automation
Post And Telecommunications And Base Station
Motor Aging Test
Semiconductor Low Power Test
Battery Pack Charging Test
LED Lighting Test
Technology Research And Development
Test Teaching Experiment

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    No Type Output Mode Voltage And Current Display Mode Display Resolution   Assortment Output Power
    1 RKS3020D Single Circuit 30V/20A Three Digit Display 100mA100mV Switching Power Supply 600W
    2 RKS3030D Single Circuit 30V/30A Three Digit Display 100mA100mV Switching Power Supply 900W
    Accessory Power Line
    Model Picture Type  
    RK00001 Standard  Power Cord
    Warranty Card Standard  
    Manual     Standard   
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