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Shenzhen Meiruike Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer focusing on the Safety tester, also provides research & development independently for product. We are looking for worldwide brand operation partners.

Shenzhen Meiruike Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is responsible for the production and development of products,you are good at market developments and local services. If you have the same ideas as us, please read the following requirements carefully:

● We need you to have your own maintenance engineer who can solve the after-sales problems of the instrument independently and provide after-sales service for direct customers.

● You should have a physical store or company website and provide us with pictures of the physical store or company website.

● Your single order amount is better than 3000 USD, if it is less than 3000 USD, we also accept it, but do not enjoy the best discount.


Fill in the application form of intention to join


Preliminary negotiation to determine cooperation intention


Detailed consultation and assessment


Sign contract


The safety test industry not only has a broad market scale in the China, but we also believe that the international market is a larger stage. In the next 10 years, Rek will become an internationally renowned brand. Now, we are officially attracting more partners in the global international market, and we look forward to your joining.


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