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Leading Industry In Testing And Measuring Instruments And Meters.

Founded In 2006, It Is A High-Tech Enterprise Dedicated To The Research And Development, Production And Sales Of Test And Measuring Instruments, Meters And Related Industrial Equipment.

Meruike Insists On Independent Innovation, And Has Developed And Produced Safety Regulations, Medical Safety Regulations, Ultra-High Voltage Withstand Voltage Meters, Digital High-Voltage Meters, DC Low-Resistance Testers, Smart Power Meters (Power Meters), Linear Power Supplies, And Switching Power Supplies.


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Merrick DC resistance tester

RK2517 series DC resistance tester adopts the current mainstream 32bits CPU and high-density SMD mounting process, 24 bit color resolution 480 * 272 true color IPS LCD LCD display and up, down, left and right function keys, with a clean interface and convenient operation; It is used for relay con...

Merrick New Year’s Day holiday notice

Abstract: 2023 New Year’s Day holiday will come, according to the spirit of the “notice of The General Office of the State Council on 2023 New Year’s Day holiday arrangement”, and combined with the actual situation of the company, now the company 2023 New Year’s Day ...

In line with the new standard GB4793/GB97...

Product Introduction RK7500Y series medical leakage current analyzer, built-in medical simulation human network, covering the floor leakage current, contact current, patient leakage current, patient auxiliary current and other functions, programmable/one-key serial test Product Features 1.Meet th...

New product on the new RK9910-8U/4U type ...

This series of program-controlled ultra-high voltage tester is designed for high-voltage optical couplers and high-voltage relays, high-voltage switches, PV modules and other devices with high insulation endurance to provide high-voltage voltage test and analysis, all using high-speed MCU and lar...

New product on the new RK9974-20 series p...

This series of program-controlled ultra-high voltage testers are designed to provide high-voltage withstand voltage test and analysis for high-voltage optocouplers, high-voltage relays, high-voltage switches, PV modules and other devices with high insulation resistance. High-speed MCU and large-s...

How to use the withstand voltage tester s...

How to use the withstand voltage tester safely? Although it is a withstand voltage tester that is very worthy of my belief at this stage, it may also cause certain dangers to operators due to problems such as some operators themselves or external influences during the whole process of operation. ...
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