RK9910/RK9920 Program-controlled insulation withstand voltage tester


RK9910 Programmable Insulation Withstand Voltage Tester
product description
This series of program-controlled withstand voltage testers are high-performance safety testers designed with high-speed MCU and large-scale digital circuits. The size of the output voltage, the rise and fall of the output voltage. The frequency of the output voltage is safely controlled by MCU, which can display the breakdown current and voltage value in real time, and has software calibration function. It is equipped with PLC interface, RS232C, RS485, USB device, and USB Host interface, which can easily form a comprehensive test system with a computer or PLC. . It can quickly and accurately conduct comprehensive safety measurement of household appliances, instruments, lighting appliances, electric heating appliances, computers, and information equipment.
This instrument complies with IEC60335-1, GB4706.1, UL60335-1 Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances Part 1: General Requirements Safety requirements for electrical equipment, video and similar electronic equipment IEC61010-1, GB4793.1 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use Part 1: General requirements.

Portable AC HiPot Tester AC/DC 5KV RK9910 Programmable Insulation Withstand Voltage Tester with Fast Shipping


China Factory Price RK9910 pd-free AC DC Withstand Voltage Tester Hipot Tester AC DC

Application field

Components: diodes, triodes, high-voltage silicon stacks, various electronic transformers, connectors, high-voltage electrical appliances
Household appliances: TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, dehumidifiers, electric blankets, chargers, etc.
Insulation materials: heat shrinkable sleeves, capacitor films, high voltage sleeves, insulating paper, insulating shoes, insulating rubber gloves, PCB circuit boards, etc.
Instrumentation: oscilloscope, signal generator, DC power supply, switching power supply, etc.
Lighting appliances: ballasts, road lights, stage lights, portable lamps and other lamps
Electric heating appliances: electric drill, pistol drill, gas cutter, grinder, grinder, electric welding machine, etc.
Wire and cable: high voltage wire, off cable, cable, silicone rubber cable, etc.

RK9910 Hipot Tester AC/DC/IR/ withstand voltage tester hipot tester 0.05-6.00KV

Performance characteristics
1. The AC/DC withstand voltage function adopts DDS digital signal synthesis technology to generate accurate, stable, pure and low-distortion waveforms
2. Adjustable high voltage rise and fall time, adapt to different test objects, require arc detection function, test results can be saved synchronously
3. With dual-frequency comprehensive test, frequency range 50Hz, 60Hz, user-friendly operation interface, support digital key input, dial input, more concise operation
4. Complete operation help prompts, which can effectively improve user efficiency, support character file name input, and the maximum length of the file name is 12 characters
5. Simultaneous display of test steps and system status information, which is convenient for understanding the details of test steps and system status during testing




1.Is your parts new and original ?
Answer : Yes !Our parts could accept any kinds of testing , if there is any quality problems we will take responsible .
2.What is your warranty ?
Answer : Within 60 days after package have been received .
3.How to pay the order ?
Answer : We could accept TT , Escrow , , Western Union and Alipay .After the order have been confirmed the invoice will be sent
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4.Quality problems
Answer : If there is any quality problems or questions , we could offer technical support or return service .
5.What is your lead time ?
Answer :There are no lead times for in-stock products. Most of the parts could be shipped out within 3 days after payment have
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6.May I have a sample for testing ?
Answer :Yes ! Only to pay shipping cost ,free samples could be sent for testing .
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