RK9940N/ RK9980N/ RK9813N Intelligent Power Meter

RK9940N:0~600V   0~8A   7~40A  24kW  
RK9980N: 0~600V    0~16A   15~80A    48kW
RK9813N:  0~600v   0~0.1A   0.08~4A   3.5~20A  12kW




Product Introduction
RK9800N Series Intelligent Electric Quantity Measuring Instrument(Digital Power Meter), Can Measure The Voltage,Current,Power,Power Factor,Frequency,Electric Energy And Other Parameters ,Rich In Content,Has A Wide Measuring Range, The Preset Alarm,Latches And Communications Function.
The RK9800N Series Has All The Measurement And Display Function,Increases The Maintain Data Function,As Well As The Display Function Of Frequency And Power (Energy) These Two Parameters On The Basis Of The Original RK9800.RK9901N Increase The Limit Alarm Function Of Current And Power Based On The RK9800N.RK9940N And RK9980N Expand The Range Of Current (Maximum For 40A And 80A Respectively)Based On RK9901N,It Can Measure The Current And The Products With More Power.
Aiming At The Shortage Of Above Various Products In Small Current Measurement Accuracy (The Current Resolution For 1mA),RK9813N Increase A Small Current Range(Current Resolution Is 10uA)On The Basis Of RK9901N,It Can Be Used For Current And Products With Small Power.
These Products Can Communicate With The Host Computer Through The RS232 Interface After  Increasing The Communication Adapter Board,It Can Observe Data And Set Parameters Remotely Through The Host Computer.

Application Area
Motor:rotary Motor
Household Electric Appliances:TV,Refrigerator,Air Conditioner,Washing Machine,Dryer, Electric Blanket,Charger Etc.
Electric Appliances:electric Drill,Pistol Drill,Cutting Machine,Grinding Machine,Electric Welding Machine Etc.
Lighting Appliances:ballast,Road Lights,Stage Lights,Portable Lamps And Other Types Of Lamps.
Power Supply:switching Power Supply,AC Power Supply,DC Regulated Power Supply,Variable-Frequency Power Sources,Communication Power Supply,Power Components And So On.
Transformer:power Transformer,Audio Transformer,Pulse Transformer,Switching Power Supply Transformer, Etc.

Performance Characteristics
It Can Adjust The Overrun Alarm Time.
The Adjustment Process Of Current Overrun And Power Overrun Is More Intuitive,Easy To Operate
The Ultra Upper And Lower Limit Alarm Function Of The Current And The Power Can Be Setted Separately.
Increase The Large Current Type And Small Current Type This Two Products.
Increase Work (Energy) Display Function.
Whole Series Of Optional Communication Function.

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  • Model RK9840N RK9980N RK9813N
     Category Large Current Type Large Current Type Small Current Type
    Test Item Single-Phase AC Voltage,Current,Power,Power Factor,Frequency,Work(All Valid Value)
    Voltage Range 0~600V
    Current Range 0~8A
    Power(P) 24kW 48kW 12kW
    Display Resolution Voltage 0.1V
    Current 1mA(Current Less Than 10A)
    10mA(Current More Than 9.999A)
    10μA(Current Less Than 100mA)
    1mA(Current Less Than 10A)
    10μA(Current Less Than9.999mA)
    Alarm Function Current And Power Over The Upper And Lower Limit Alarm (Overrun Time Is Adjustable)
    Communication Function Interface Of RS232(DB9)(Optional)
    Test Speed 2 T/S
    Basic Accuracy ±(0.4%(Numerical Reading)+ 0.1%(Range)+ 1 Word)
    Test Frequency 45Hz-65Hz(Frequency Of Test Instrument Detectable)
    Working Power Supply ≤AC 220V±20%,50/60Hz
    Weight 2.5kg
    Accessory Power Line,(CD,Data Line,Communication Module Optional)
    Model Picture Type  
    RK00001 Standard  Power Cord 
    Warranty Card Standard  
    Manual Standard  
    RK20K Optional  Data Link Line 
    RK98001 Optional  Communication Software 
    RK98002 Optional  Communication Module
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