RK1940-2/ RK1940-3/ RK1940-4/ RK1940-5 High Voltage Digital Meter

AC/DC:1000V ~20/30/40/50kV




Product Introduction

RK1940 Series High Voltage Digital Meter Is A High-Precision Voltage Meter Used The 4 And A Half Digital Display,It Widely Used In Power Systems And Electrical,Electronic Equipment Manufacturing Sector For Measurement Of Power Frequency AC/DC High Voltage And Meterage And Other Fields.

Performance Characteristics

Input Impedance For 1000MΩ,It Is Suitable For The Measurement Of High Impedance Source Of AC,DC Voltage.
The Polarity Of The DC Voltage Can Be Tested And Displayed.
High And Stable Measurement Accuracy.

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  • Model RK1940-2 RK1940-3 RK1940-4 RK1940-5
    Input Voltage
    1000V ~20kV 1000V ~30kV 1000V ~40kV   1000V ~50kV
    Resolution 1V Low Range 1V,High Range 10V
    Accuracy 3%±5 Words
    Range Switching Manual Operation
    Input Impedence 1000MΩ
    Accuracy 4½ Bits Digital Display
    Work Environment 0℃~40℃,≤85%  RH
    Power Requirments 220V±10%,50Hz±5%
    Weight 2.5kg 5kg 6kg 5.5kg
    Accessory Power Line,Ground Line,High Voltage Connecting Line
    Model Picture Type  Summary
    Standard  High Voltage Test Line
    Standard  Grounding Test Line
    Standard  Power Cord
    Warranty Card
    Factory Calibration Certificate
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