RK2830/ RK2837 Digital Bridge

RK2830/ RK2837
Frequency: 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 100 Hz, 120 Hz, 1 KHz, 10 KHz     Level: 50mV – 2.0V
Frequency: 50 Hz – 100 KHz, 10 MHz Step      Level: 10mV – 1.0V




Product Introduction

RK2830 Is A New Generation Of Universal High Performance LCR Table. Beautiful Appearance And Easy Operation. The Product Adopts 32-Bit ARM Processor, Testing Fast And Stable. At The Same Time, It Is Equipped With 100Hz-10KHz And 50mv-2.0v Signal Levels, Which Can Meet All Measurement Requirements Of Components And Materials, And Provide Guarantee For Production Line Quality Assurance, Incoming Inspection And Laboratory High-Precision Measurement.

Application Area

This Instrument Can Be Widely Used In Factories, Colleges, Research Institutes, Measurement And Quality Inspection Departments To Accurately Measure The Parameters Of Various Components.

Performance Characteristics

1. All Chinese Display, Easy To Operate, Complete And Rich Display Content


3. Test Level: 50mV – 2.0V, Resolution: 10mV

4. Basic Accuracy: 0.05%, Six Digit Reading Resolution

5. High Speed And High Efficiency Measurement: Up To 50 Times / S (Including Display)

6. Support USB Flash Disk Upgrade And Save Test Data To USB Flash Disk Quickly

7. Parameters Are Saved In Time, And The Shutdown Is Not Lost

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  • Model RK2830 RK2837
    Testing Functions Test Parameters |Z|,C,L,R, X, ESR,D,Q,Θ |Z|,C,L,R, X, |Y|,B,G,ESR,D,Q,Θ
    Basic Precision 0.05%
    Testing Speed Fast: 50, Medium: 10, Slow: 2.5 (Times / Sec) Fast: 40, Medium: 10, Slow: 2.5 (Times / Sec)
    Equivalent Circuit Series Connection, Parallel Connection
    Range Way Auto, Hold
    Trigger Mode Internal, Manual, Automatic DUT, External, Bus
    Correcting Feature Open / Short Circuit Clearing
    Display 480*272,4.3-Inch TFT Color Screen
    Memory Internal 100 Groups, External U Disk 500 Groups
    Test Signal Test Frequency 50Hz,60Hz,100Hz,
    50Hz – 100kHz,
    10mHz Stepping
    Output Impedance 30Ω, 50Ω, 100Ω 30Ω, 50Ω, 100Ω
    Test Level 50mV – 2.0V,
    10mV – 1.0V,
    Measurement Display Range Ls、Lp 0.00001μH~99.9999kH
    Cs、Cp 0.00001pF~99.9999mF
    R、Rs、Rp、X、Z 0.00001Ω~99.9999MΩ
    G、Y、B ————— 0.00001μS~99.9999S
    ESR 0.00001mΩ~99.9999kΩ
    D 0.00001~99.9999
    Q 0.00001~99999.9
    Qr -3.14159~3.14159
    Qd -180.000°~180.000°
    D% -99.9999%~999.999%
    Comparators And Interfaces Comparator Grade 5 Sorting,BIN1 – BIN3,NG,AUX, PASS/FAIL LED Display
    Interface RS232C/USB-HOST/USB-CDC/ USB-TMC/HANDLER(Optional)
    General Specifications Working Temperature And Humidity 0°C-40°C,  ≤90%RH
    Power Requirements Voltage:99V – 242V
    Power Waste ≤ 20 VA
    Size(W×H×D) 280mm×88mm×320mm
    Weight About2.5 Kg
    Model Picture Type Summary
    RK26004-1 Standard Configuration   The Instrument Is Equipped With Bridge Test Clamp As Standard, Which Can Be Purchased Separately.
    RK00001 Standard Configuration   The Instrument Is Equipped With National Standard Power Cord, Which Can Be Purchased Separately.
    Certificate And Warranty Card
    Standard Configuration   The Instrument Is Equipped With Standard Certificate And Warranty Card.
    Factory Calibration Certificate
    Standard Configuration   Calibration Certificate Of Standard Equipment.
    Instructions Standard Configuration   The Instrument Is Equipped With Standard Product Instructions. 
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