Digital LCR Meter

  • RK2811D Digital Electric Bridge

    RK2811D Digital Electric Bridge

    Product Introduction Rk2811d Digital Bridge Is A New Generation Of Low-Frequency Component Measuring Instrument Based On The Latest Measurement Principle. It Has Stable Test, Fast Measurement Speed, Large Character LCD, Surface Mounting Technology, Humanized Menu Setting And Excellent Appearance. Whether It Is Applied To The Quality Control Of Production Line, The Incoming Material Inspection And Component Automatic Test System Are All In Good Condition. Application Area This Instrument Can B...
  • RK2830/ RK2837 Digital Bridge

    RK2830/ RK2837 Digital Bridge

    Product Introduction RK2830 Is A New Generation Of Universal High Performance LCR Table. Beautiful Appearance And Easy Operation. The Product Adopts 32-Bit ARM Processor, Testing Fast And Stable. At The Same Time, It Is Equipped With 100Hz-10KHz And 50mv-2.0v Signal Levels, Which Can Meet All Measurement Requirements Of Components And Materials, And Provide Guarantee For Production Line Quality Assurance, Incoming Inspection And Laboratory High-Precision Measurement. Application Area This Ins...
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