RK2511N+/RK2512N+ DC Low Resistance Tester






DC Low Resistance Tester Of RK2511/2 Series

Product Introduction

The DC Resistance Tester Of RK2511N Series Is A Instruments Which Test The Transformer,Motor,Switch,Relay,Connector And Other Types Of Direct-Current Resistance.Its Basic Test Accuracy Can Run Up To 0.05%,And Has A High Measuring Speed.
The Instrument Uses A High Precision Constant Current Flowing Through The Measured Part And The Four End Measurement,It Can Eliminate The Lead Error Effectively;And Use The High Precision AD Conversion,It Is Suitable For Users To High Precision Measurement.The Instrument Has The Functions Of Sorting(Onlap,Qualified,Downlap)And It Allows Users To Set The Upper And Lower Limits And Nominal Resistance Value Freely,It Improves The Testing Efficiency Of The Instrument Testing Efficiency.

Application Area

It Widely Used In The Measurement Of All Kinds Of Coil Resistance,Motor Transformer Winding Resistance,Wire Resistance Of All Kinds Of Cables,Switch Plugs,Sockets And Other Contact Resistance Of Electrical Components And The Metal Riveting Resistance And All Kinds Of Precision Resistors,Metal Detection And So On,The HANDLER And RS322 Interface Can Be Used To Output Non-Defective/Defective Product Signal To Make Automatic Testing.

Performance Characteristics

Simple Operation
Five Terminal Measurement,High Measuring Precision.
Microprocessor Technology, No DC Drift
Onlap,Downlap,Qualified Sorting And The Function Of Alarn.

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  • Model RK2511N+ RK2512N+
    Test Range 10μΩ-20KΩ 1μΩ-2MΩ
    Test Accuracy 0.1% (The Minimum Resolution) 10μΩ 0.05% (The Minimum Resolution)10μΩ
    Test Current 100mA 10mA 1mA 100μA 1A 100mA 10mA 1mA 100μA 10μA 1μA
    Display Mode Four And A Half Digit Display 00000-19999
    The Voltage Of Open Circuit <5.5V
    Range Mode Manual/Automatic
    Test Speed Fast 15 T/S  Slow 8 T/S
    Sorting Onlap,Qualified,Downlap
    Trigger Internal Trigger,Manual Trigger,External Trigger
    Interface Interface Of RS-232C   Interface Of Handler(PLC)
    Work Environment 0℃~40℃,≤85%   RH
    Exterior Dimension 330×270×110mm
    Weight 4kg 4kg
    Accessory Test Line,Power Line
    Model Picture Type  
    RK26004A Standard  
    Power Cord Standard  
    Warranty Card Standard  
    Factory Calibration Certificate Standard  
    Manual      Standard

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