RK2514N/AN, RK2515N/AN, RK2516N/AN/BN DC Low Resistance Tester




RK2514N/AN、RK2515N/AN、RK2516N/AN DC Low Resistance Tester  Adopts Single Front Mainstream 32bits CPU And High-Density SMD Mounting Technology, 24 Bit Color 4.3 Inch Color LCD Screen And Rotary Encoder, With Fresh Interface And Convenient Operation; It Is Used In Relay Contact Resistance, Connector Insertion Resistance, Wire Resistance, Printed Circuit Board Circuit And Solder Hole Resistance, Etc.; Temperature Compensation Can Avoid The Influence Of Environmental Temperature On Test Work; RK2514 / 5 / 6 Series Provides A Variety Of Interface Functions, Which Can Facilitate Data Communication And Remote Control With PC.
Application Area
It Is Widely Used To Measure The Resistance Of Various Coils, The Resistance Of Motor Transformer Winding, The Conductor Resistance Of Various Cables, The Contact Resistance And Metal Riveting Resistance Of Electrical Components Such As Switch Plug And Socket, Metal Flaw Detection, Etc. It Can Output Good / Bad Signal With Handler, USB And Rs322 Interface For Automatic Test.
Performance Characteristics
1. The Operation Is Simple And The Calibration Is Convenient.
2. Five Terminal Measurement, High Measurement Accuracy.
3. Microprocessor Technology, No DC Drift.
4. Upper, Lower, Qualified Sorting And Signal Function
5. Standard Handler, USB, RS232C Interface

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  • Model RK2514N RK2514AN RK2515N RK2515AN RK2516N RK2516AN RK2516BN
    Resistance Measurement
    Measuring Range 0.1μΩ~110MΩ 1μΩ~20MΩ 0.1μΩ~110MΩ 1μΩ~20MΩ 1μΩ~2MΩ 1μΩ~200kΩ 10μΩ~20kΩ
    Test Accuracy  0.01%  0.02% 0.05%
    Maximum Test Current 1A 100mA
    Display 24 Bit Color, Resolution 480 * 272 True Color IPS LCD
    Number Of Readings Five Half Digit Display Resistance Value Four Half Digit Display Resistance Value
    Measuring Function
    Resistance Measurement Time Fast Speed: 7ms Medium Speed: 42ms Slow Speed / Precise Measurement: 150ms (Turn On The Above Display Plus 15ms) Fast: 20ms Slow: 40ms
    Temperature Measurement Time —— 100ms ——
    Elimination Of Thermoelectric Potential ——
    Test Side Configuration Four Terminal
    Statistical Function Quantity Statistics Of Upper / Lower Qualified Products
    Save Test Parameters 10 Groups 5 Groups
    Low Voltage Measurement Open Circuit Voltage: ≤ 60mV, Effective Range: 2 Ω ~ 20 Ω ——
    Poor Contact Detection Check For Poor Contact At The Test End
    Temperature Measurement
    Measurement Parameters PT1000: Accuracy 0.1 ℃ ——
    Display Range -10℃-99.9℃
    Sound Of News Pass / Fail / Close
    Limit Setting Mode 14 Gears; Absolute Value Upper / Lower Limit; Percentage Upper / Lower Limit + Nominal Value Third Gear; Absolute Value Upper / Lower Limit; Percentage Upper / Lower Limit + Nominal Value
    Other Parameters
    Working Environment Temperature 0 ℃~ 40 ℃ Humidity < 80% RH
    Size 361×107×264mm
    Weight 4kg 3.6kg
    Accessories Four Terminal Kelvin Test Clip, Temperature Probe, USB / 232 Communication Cable, Power Cable
    Four Terminal Kelvin Test Clip
    Temperature Probe, Power Line
    Four Terminal Kelvin Test Clip, Power Cord
    型号 图片 类型  概述
    RK25011D 标配 仪器标配四端开尔文测试夹,可单独购买
    RK00001 标配 仪器标配国标电源线,可单独购买。
    合格证保修卡 标配 仪器标配产品使用说明书。
    出厂校准证书 标配 仪器标配产品使用说明书。
    说明书 标配 仪器标配产品使用说明书。
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