RK5000/ RK5001/ RK5002/ RK5003/ RK5005 Variable Frequency Power Supply





Product Introduction
RK5000 Series Variable Frequency Power Supply Use The Microprocessor As Core,Made With MPWM Mode,Design With The Active Components IGBT Module,It Using A Digital Frequency Division,D/A Conversion,Instantaneous Value Feedback,Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation Technology,And Increase The Stability Of The Whole Machine By Isolating The Transformer Output.The Load Has Strong Adaptability,Output Waveform Quality Is Good,It Is Simple Operation,Small Volume,Light Weight.With Short Circuit,Over-Current,Overload,Overheat Protection Function To Ensure The Reliable Operation Of Power.

Application Area
It Is Widely Used In Home Appliance Manufacturing Industry,Electric Machinery,Electronic Manufacturing Industry,IT Industry And Computer Equipment Manufacturing And Other Industries And Laboratories And Electronic Products Testing Agencies.

Performance Characteristics
High Precision Frequency Stabilized Voltage Regulator,Regulate The Voltage And Frequency By Knob Type Fast.
The Speed Of Transient Response Is Fast.
High Precision,4 Windows Measure And Display At The Same Time:frequency,Voltage, Current,Power,Power Factor,Don’t Need To Switch.
It Has Multiple Protection Of Over Voltage,Over Current,Over Load,Over Temperature And Alarm Function.
No Radiation Interference,Including Harmonic Components,And No Interference After The Special Treatment.
Provide The World Standard Voltage,Frequency,Analog Test A Variety Of Electrical Products

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  • Model RK5000 RK5001 RK5002 RK5003 RK5005
    Capacity 500VA 1kVA 2kVA 3kVA 5kVA
    Circuit Mode Mode Of IGBT/SPWM
    Input Number Of Phases 1ψ2W
    Voltage 220V±10%
    Frequency 47Hz-63Hz
    Output Number Of Phases 1ψ2W
    Voltage Low=0-150VAC  High=0-300VAC
    Frequency 45-70Hz、50Hz、60Hz、2F、4F、400Hz 45-70Hz、50Hz、60Hz、400Hz
     The Maximum Current   L=120V 4.2A 8.4A 17A 25A 42A
    H=240V 2.1A 4.2A 8.6A 12.5A 21A
    Rate Of Load Voltage Stabilization 1%
    Waveform Distortion 1%
    Frequency Stability 0.01%
    LED Display Voltage V、 Current A、Frequency F、Power W
    Voltage Resolution 0.1V
    Frequency Resolution 0.1Hz
    Curren Tresolution 0.001A 0.01A
    Protection Over Current,Over Temperature,Overload,Short Circuit
    Weight 24Kg 26Kg 32KG 70Kg 85Kg
    Volume(Mm) 420×420×190mm 420×520×600mm
    Operating Environment 0℃~40℃  ≤85% RH
    Accessories Power Line ——
    MODEL Picture Type  Summary
    RK00001 Standard Configuration The Instrument Is Equipped With National Standard Power Cord, Which Can Be Purchased Separately.
    说明书     Standard Configuration The Instrument Is Equipped With Standard Product Instructions.



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