RK9961 Programmed Safety Comprehensive Tester


Voltage withstand test: AC (0.05~5.000) kV, DC (0.05~6.00) kV

Insulation test: Output voltage 0.050kV~5 000kV resolution: 1V/step

Grounding resistance: Current range 3.0-32.0A (customizable to 100A)

Leakage current: voltage range 30.0V~300.0V

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Description

    Technical Parameter


    Product Introduction
    RK9961 series is a five in one multi-function safety comprehensive tester, which can solve all safety concerns in one station and multiple tasks. It is a priority solution for System integration and experimental research and development. One machine meets five safety regulations for testing.

    MD A meets the following standards: GB/T12113-2003 (IEC60990:1999), GB4793.1-2007 (IEC61010-1:2001)

    MD B meets the following standards: GB/T12113-2003 (IEC60990:1999)

    GB4793.1-2007 (IEC61010-1:2001), GB4706.1-2005 (IEC60335-1:2004), GB4943.1-2011 (IEC60950-1:2005), GB8898-2011 (IEC60065:2005)

    GB7000.1-2015 (IEC60598-1:2014)

    MD C meets the following standards: GB/T12113-2003 (IEC60990:1999), GB7000.1-2015 (IEC60598-1:2014)

    MD D meets the following standards: GB4793.1-2007 (IEC61010-1:2001)

    MD-E meets the following standards: GB9706.1-2007/IEC60601-1-1988)

    MD F meets the following standards: GB7000.1-2015 (IEC60598-1:2014)

    MD G meets the following standards: GB4943.1-2011 (IEC60950-1:2005), GB4793.1-2007 (IEC61010-1:2001)

    MD network measurement resistance ≤ ± 1%



    application area


    Components: diodes, transistors, high-voltage silicon stacks, various electronic transformers, connectors, high-voltage capacitors


    Household appliances: TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, Dehumidifier, Electric blanket, charger, etc

    Insulation materials: heat shrink tubing, capacitor film, high-voltage tubing, insulation paper, insulation gloves, etc

    Electric heating, electric tools, instruments, etc



    Performance characteristics


    Five in one AC withstand voltage/DC withstand voltage/insulation resistance/ground continuity resistance/leakage current

    Using DDS digital synthesis technology to generate accurate, stable, pure, and low distortion sine waves

    Adjustable voltage rise and Fall time to meet the requirements of different test objects

    Equipped with dual frequency comprehensive testing, with a frequency range of 50Hz and 60Hz

    Bilingual operation interface in Chinese and English, adapted to the needs of different users

    Store 140 test files, with a maximum of 20 test steps per file

    Standard PLC interface, RS232C interface, RS485 interface, USB interface

    Using 7 inches


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