RK9920-4C/RK9920-8C/RK9920A-8C/RK9920A-4C HIPOT TESTER


Product introduction


This series of program-controlled withstand voltage tester is a high-performance safety gauge tester designed with high-speed MCU and large-scale digital circuit. Its output voltage increases and decreases with the size of its output voltage. The frequency safety of the output voltage is controlled by MCU, which can display the breakdown current and voltage value in real time, and has the function of software calibration. It is equipped with PLC interface, RS232C, RS485, USB device and USB host interface, which can easily form a comprehensive test system with computer or PLC. It can quickly and accurately measure the safety regulations of household appliances, instruments and meters, lighting appliances, electric heating appliances, computers and information machines.


The instrument complies with IEC60335-1 and GB4706 1, UL60335-1 household and similar electrical appliances Safety Part I: General requirements IEC60335-1, GB4706-1, UL60335-1 information technology equipment for UL60065, in line with GB8898, IEC60065. Safety requirements for audio, video and similar electronic devices iec61010-1 and gb4793 1 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use Part 1: General requirements.
Application field


Automatic test system, household appliances, transformers, motors, electrical equipment, electric heating appliances, lighting industry, new energy vehicles, electronic components and medical equipment


Performance characteristics


1.480 × 272 points, 5-inch TFT-LCD display

2. Fast discharge and arc detection function

3. Enhanced human protection function: electric shock protection function

4. With 4-channel and 8-channel scanning interface

5. The test steps can be stored, and the test modes can be combined arbitrarily

6. The voltage rise time and test time arbitrarily set within 999.9 seconds are aimed at insulating electricity

7. If there is resistance, the test waiting time can be set at will

8. New operation interface and humanized panel design

9. Lock keyboard function