How to conduct safety testing for internal power supply medical test objects?

How to conduct safety testing on internal power supply medical test objects? For internal power supply medical test objects, there is no grounding wire, so there is no need to conduct grounding testing. Firstly, there is a voltage withstand test. In this test, we used the  RK2672YM medical voltage withstand tester to connect the high-voltage gun to the external control wiring port and connect the other wiring terminal of the high-voltage gun to the DC high-voltage port.


The current return terminal of the instrument is connected to the shell of the object to be tested. After the wiring is completed, turn on the power supply. First select the range. The instrument has 2mA and 20mA ranges. After the range is selected, adjust the upper limit of the current. Press the preset button on the surface of the instrument, pick up the slotted screwdriver to adjust the current preset adjustment potentiometer. Rotate the current clockwise to increase, and counterclockwise to decrease the current. After adjusting the preset current, press the preset button, align the high-voltage gun with the internal power supply, press the start switch on the charging port of the medical test object, adjust the required voltage, and release the switch button to complete the measurement.


Next, measure the leakage current and use Merrick RK7505Y to test the patient leakage current of the internal power supply equipment. Simply connect the MD high end to the application part and the MD low end to another point in the application part, and the two cannot be connected.

Wiring diagram of program-controlled medical leakage current tester

After wiring is completed, turn on the power supply, press SET to set the mode to 5, select the type to 3, set the time to the desired value, press ENT to save the parameters, and press the green start button to start the test.

The medical safety regulations three-piece set uses three safety regulations testers, namely Meiruike RK2672YM, RK2678YM (GB9706 standard), and RK7505Y.

If there is any technical exchange, please feel free to consult Merrick’s pre-sales technical support. You are welcome to come and inquire!

Post time: Aug-07-2023
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