Test Method for Insulation Resistance of Transformer


Transformer is a common industrial component that can proportionally reduce AC voltage and large current to values that can be directly measured by instruments, facilitating direct measurement by instruments, and providing power for relay protection and automatic devices. At the same time, transformers can also be used to isolate high-voltage systems to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

How to test the insulation resistance value of a transformer? You can use the Merrick RK2683AN insulation resistance tester. The output voltage can be set at 0-500V, and the resistance test range is 10K Ω -5T Ω. During testing, connect the Input interface and Output interface to the test wires respectively, and connect the Input interface to the input line of the tested object. There are two input lines for the tested object. Connect the two input lines together and clip them onto the test line of the Input interface. The output test wire is clamped onto the metal of the transformer. After wiring is completed, start the instrument and click on the measurement setting button at the bottom left (right side of the power switch) to enter the button setting interface. Adjust the voltage to 500V, set the measurement mode to single trigger, click the DISP button to bring the instrument to the testing interface, and then click the TRIG button to enter the testing. After the testing is started, the instrument will first enter the charging state. After the charging is completed, the testing will begin. After the testing is completed, it will automatically discharge and complete this round of testing.

Insulation resistance tester wiring diagram
Insulation resistance tester interface

Post time: Sep-08-2023
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