Test methods for constant voltage, current, and battery capacity of batteries

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Today, we bring you the testing method for the fixed voltage, fixed current, and battery capacity of RK8510 DC electronic load on batteries.

This is a lithium battery, mainly used in power banks, mobile phones, and tablets. Before the battery enters the market, the product needs to undergo safety testing to test whether it is qualified. The battery will be tested for constant voltage, current, and capacity.

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Testing these projects can use the RK8510 produced by Merrick. RK8510 has a maximum voltage of 150V, a maximum current of 40A, and a maximum power of 400W. It supports RS232 and RS485 communication and MODBUS/SCPI protocol.

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RK8510/RK8510A series DC electronic load product link: https://www.chinarek.com/product/html/?289.html

Testing method:

Firstly, connect the positive and negative wires of the battery to the instrument through a test wire (connect the positive pole to the positive pole and the negative pole to the negative pole, do not reverse the connection to cause a short circuit in the battery),

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After wiring is completed, open the instrument and click the Mode button to enter the product's mode selection interface. RK8510 has constant current, constant voltage, and constant resistance modes. Use the directional button to select the corresponding mode. First, select the constant current mode and click the OK button to enter the constant current interface. Click the OK button to adjust the current value in the settings bar. After adjusting the current, press ON for testing. The same method can be used to test the fixed voltage and power functions.

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Test the battery capacity, select 07 battery capacity, enter the parameter interface, adjust the load mode, load size, and cut-off voltage parameters (the cut-off parameter should be less than the product upper limit). Click the ON button to enter the testing interface, and then click ON again to test.

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Post time: Dec-12-2023
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