Voltage withstand test and leakage current test

1、 What is the difference between the leakage current measured by the withstand voltage test and the power leakage test?

The withstand voltage test detected excessive current flowing through the insulation system due to intentional overvoltage conditions. The circuit leakage test also detects leakage current, but not under the high voltage of the withstand voltage test, but under the normal working voltage of the power supply. It measures the amount of current flowing through the impedance of the simulated human body when the DUT is powered on and running

RK9960RK9960A program-controlled safety comprehensive tester

2、 Why do the leakage current values measured using AC and DC withstand voltage tests differ?

The stray capacitance of the tested object is the main reason for the difference in measured values between AC and DC withstand voltage tests. When testing with AC, it may not be possible to fully charge these stray capacitors and there will be a continuous current flowing through them. When using DC testing, once the stray capacitance on the tested object is fully charged, the remaining amount is the actual leakage current of the tested object. Therefore, the leakage current values measured using AC withstand voltage testing and DC withstand voltage testing will be different.


Post time: Dec-04-2023
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