RK200A Battery Internal Resistance Tester




Product Introduction

RK-200A Battery Internal Resistance Tester Is Used To Measure The Internal Impedance Of Battery And The Degree Of Membrane Damage Of The Battery Acidification.

Application Area

It Is Applied For Cadmium Nickel Used In Mobile Phones,Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries,Lithium Batteries,Lead-Acid Batteries,The Research Institutes And Manufacturers Of The Maintenance Free Batteries Testing And Battery Research Testing.

Performance Characteristics

High Clear Digital Display,Intuitive Reading
Fsat Test Speed,High Reliability

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  • Model RK-200A
    Voltage Range 0~19.99V
    Internal Resistance Range 0~200.0mΩ/2.000Ω
    Internal Resistance Resolution 0.1mΩ/1mΩ
    Internal Resistance Accuracy ±0.5mΩ/±5mΩ
    Test Time 100ms
    Test Frequency 1kHz
    Input Impedance 8kΩ
    Power Consumption ≤10W
    Power Requirments 220V±10%,50Hz±5%
    Work Environment 0℃~40℃,≤85%   RH
    Exterior Dimension 255×145×220mm
    Weight 2kg
    Accessory Battery Test Frame
    Model Picture Type  
    Standard  Internal Resistance Test Shelf
    Warranty Card
    Manual    Standard  
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