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Leading Industry In Testing And Measuring Instruments And Meters.

Founded In 2006, It Is A High-Tech Enterprise Dedicated To The Research And Development, Production And Sales Of Test And Measuring Instruments, Meters And Related Industrial Equipment.

Meruike Insists On Independent Innovation, And Has Developed And Produced Safety Regulations, Medical Safety Regulations, Ultra-High Voltage Withstand Voltage Meters, Digital High-Voltage Meters, DC Low-Resistance Testers, Smart Power Meters (Power Meters), Linear Power Supplies, And Switching Power Supplies.


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Medical Device Safety Testing Plan

Comprehensive testing plan for safety regulations of medical electrical equipment Comprehensive testing plan for safety regulations of medical electrical equipment Medical electrical equipment, as a special product in the electrical industry, r...

Voltage withstand test and leakage curren...

1、 What is the difference between the leakage current measured by the withstand voltage test and the power leakage test? The withstand voltage test detected excessive current flowing through the insulation system due to intentional overvoltage conditions. The circuit le...

Understand DC and AC

The meaning of direct current is direct current, also known as constant current. Constant current is a type of direct current that remains constant in size and direction, while alternating current refers to alternating current, whi...

Test Method for Insulation Resistance of ...

Transformer is a common industrial component that can proportionally reduce AC voltage and large current to values that can be directly measured by instruments, facilitating direct measurement by instruments, and providing power for relay prote...

Battery cover plate

First, the definition of battery cover plate: Battery cover plate is a new type of battery technology that produces electricity through a series of chemical reactions. It has the advantages of high efficiency, safety and environmental protection, and is a new technology to replace traditional ba...

7-in-1 programmable safety regulation com...

The 7-in-1 programmable safety regulation comprehensive tester is a multifunctional safety regulation test, divided into seven tests: AC withstand voltage test, DC withstand voltage test, insulation resistance test, grounding resistance test, leakage current test, power test, and startup test. T...
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