• Safe current and safe voltage

    Generally, the human body can feel the current value of the stimulation is about 1 mA. When the human body passes 5~20mA, the muscles will contract and twitch, so that the person cannot be separated from the wire. The product of electric shock current and time allowed b...
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  • Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of withstand voltage testing

    Disadvantages of Direct Current (DC) Testing (1) Unless there is no capacitance on the measured object, the test voltage must start from “zero” and rise slowly to avoid excessive charging current. The added voltage is also lower. When the charging current is too large, it will definit...
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  • Matters of medical withstand voltage instrument

    Precautions for medical withstand voltage tester Medical withstand voltage tester is an instrument used to measure the withstand pressure strength of medical systems and medical equipment. It can intuitively, accurately, quickly and reliably test the breakdown voltage, l...
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  • Earth Resistance Test

    The term “ground resistance” is a poorly defined word. In some standards (such as safety standards for household appliances), it refers to the grounding resistance inside the equipment, while in some standards (such as in the grounding design code), it refers to the resistance of the ...
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  • Leakage current test

    The leakage current of household appliances refers to the leakage current measured by the electrical appliance under the action of voltage. To be tested. The test principle is to simulate human body impedance.
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  • Dielectric strength (withstand voltage) test

    The electrical strength test, commonly known as the withstand voltage test, is a measure of the ability of the electrical insulation to withstand breakdown under the action of overvoltage. It is also a reliable means of assessing whether the product is safe to use. There...
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